santorini Greece destination weddings

Santorini weddings

Santorini Greece destination weddings

The cost for Santorini destination wedding is starting from 950 euros and goes up, depends on the type of services and the number of guests you will have for wedding day inSantorini. For a quality wedding with 50 guests in Santorini Greece for a 3-day period and with full services aside from accommodation, the cost comes to about 10,000 euros.  It’s all depends the wedding package the you will choose and the wedding venue that you will have the ceremony!

You will find our wedding package prices low compared to other wedding planners in Santorini. This is because we are local wedding planners with no middle man doing the job for us. We will be there personally for the best service on your wedding day.

Civil Ceremony, the most popular type of ceremony for a wedding abroad is the civil one, which is a short ceremony performed by the mayor of Santorini or registrar of the town hall to the wedding venue that you have chosen. Each town hall in Greece has their own rules as to where they will allow ceremonies to take place. In Santorini, most of the weddings ceremonies are outdoors on the beautiful Caldera ( by the cliff of the Island). The civil ceremony is very short (15 minutes), you are allowed to customize the ceremony by saying your own vows to each other or having some close friends or family do a reading. The certificate is legally binding around the world and has no connection to any religious faith.



It is so simple to organize a Symbolic wedding Ceremony in Santorini!
Best of all, there is no paperwork required and the Ceremony it will be exactly as a legal wedding!
See more information about Packages and cost for Symbolic wedding ceremony in Santorini.

Santorini Wedding packages designed for Civil Santorini Weddings Ceremonies with low cost.
Civil weddings are Legal wedding ceremonies and require all the
legal wedding documents from your part and we will do the paper work here in Santorini for you

If you are thinking to elope, Santorini is one of the best Island.
See our Elopement Wedding packages
that we have created for you, so you can have an Unforgettable moments in Santorini .Here I will tell you How much money does it cost to elope in Santorini!

The grate views and the inscrutable Santorini Sunsets make Santorini Island a perfect place to propose to your future wife.There are a lot of private wedding venues that you can propose, but you can also propose any where
in Santorini and specially during a Santorini photo tour that you might book with a professional photographer.

Santorini Wedding Destination Venues

Santorini offers many different and beautiful wedding Venues for your  wedding in Santorini Greece

We have some of the best Santorini wedding Venues listed below. You may choose one of private wedding venue below or we can have your wedding ceremony on the balcony of the hotel where you will stay.( after communication with the hotel manager.

All the top Santorini wedding venues are private properties and the have different prices per hour rental fees