How To start planing a wedding in Santorini

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How To start planing a wedding in Santorini


Using a Santorini wedding planner can help you create a unique personalized wedding in Santorini.

Before deciding on how you are going to plan your wedding in Santorini I strongly recommend investigating the services offered by wedding planners or co-ordinators.

Many couples getting married in Santorini for a wedding package booked through a Tour Operator, which are usually very comprehensive in terms of the services to be provided and can be excellent value for money.

However, if a couple would like to have a deeper connection to their wedding day plans and wish to have more choice over the services and how their wedding day will be, using a Santorini wedding planner is a great alternative.

Not only will a Santorini wedding planner provide a tailored and personalised service but they offer extremely competitive prices. In many cases it may actually be less expensive to use a wedding planner than to book a wedding package through a Tour Operator.

Couples who choose to use a Santorini wedding planner over Tour Operators do so for a number of reasons, one being they want their wedding day to be unique, reflecting their individual styles and personalities.

One of the best ways to show you the advantages and benefits of using a Santorini wedding planner is to look at how they differ from Tour Operators.


Wedding planners are individuals or small companies who specialise exclusively in organising weddings. Organising weddings is their core business not just a small part of a wider business offering.


Wedding planners do not use a set formula. Each wedding organised by a wedding planner is tailored to suit the individual styles, personalities and tastes of the couple who is getting married. A Tour Operator has a more structured offering with less room for a unique distinctive experience.


When using a wedding planner you will deal with the one contact throughout the entire process – from discussing initial planning ideas to wedding day co-ordination. You will get to know one another very well and develop a strong working relationship.


When using a Tour Operator you will usually have two separate teams organising your wedding. The initial planning will be done by a team in your home country and then once you get to Santorini another team will take over to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.


Each wedding day that a wedding planner organises affects their reputation. Word of mouth is key to their success. A Santorini wedding planner cannot afford to get it wrong, bad publicity will adversely affect their business and livelihood. In contrast it is easier for a larger Tour Operator to absorb bad publicity due to their size, industry position and their broad investment in many different facets of the travel business.


Wedding planners have more autonomy and flexibility to make decisions. If you book your wedding through a Tour Operator, your contact will be an employee that must follow set company guidelines and procedures. Wedding Planners on the other hand are usually the boss! You will always be speaking to the decision maker and should get any answers you need immediately.


A wedding planner should only organise one wedding a day, thereby, ensuring you will have the planner’s undivided attention on the day of your wedding. A Tour Operator may co-ordinate a number of weddings on the same day.


A Santorini wedding planner will be able to confirm the date of your wedding once it has been booked. If you use a Tour Operator they will confirm the week your wedding will take place in but may not be able to provide your exact wedding date until closer to the time of your wedding.


A wedding planner can organise your wedding reception at a venue which suits the style of your wedding. You may want your guests to experience a traditional Santorini setting and have your reception in a Taverna or you may wish to have your reception aboard a yacht or in an exclusive golf club. If you book a wedding package through a Tour Operator you will generally only be able to have your reception in a hotel with which they have an affiliation.


To define this unique sense of occasion, a Santorini wedding planner can organise extra activities around your wedding day. You may decide that taking your guests on a Photography tour or sailing in the Aegean sea will make your wedding all the more special. Wedding planners will often be more than happy to organise these activities for you and your guests.


A wedding planner can organise some or all of your wedding. You may wish to use a wedding planner only to organise the legalities of getting married in Santorini  and arrange the other aspects of your wedding day yourself, or you may be wish to use a wedding planner to arrange every detail for you.


Wedding planners offer a bespoke service therefore each wedding is priced according to the level of organisation required and the type of extras to be included. However, as mentioned above, Santorini wedding planners offer very competitive pricing and may be less expensive than using a Tour Operator.


If you would like to use a wedding planner to organise your wedding in Santorini I strongly suggest you contact a number of planners to obtain further information on how they can help you plan your dream wedding in Santorini . To help make things a little easier and quicker for you, simply complete the form below which I’ll then forward onto all the wedding planners in Santorini who are members of our Destination Wedding Directory.


I hope the above information has been a helpful starting point. To connect with wedding planners in one easy step use the form below and your enquiry will be forwarded to at least 7 wedding planners who work in Santorini. We will then forward you a handy spreadsheet to help you collate and evaluate your responses.